About me

& what makes me tick

My name is Wesley and I'm a freelance web developer. Starting at an early age, I had taken an interest to checking out the source codes of websites. What did they do to make it look like this, this.. brilliant piece of art. So, there started the CTRL+U'ing of several, if not all, pieces of art: the next even more interesting than the last. I discovered HTML. A new world. Using Iframes was very common back in the day. Soon I started copying entire sources to my own hard drive, and just checking if I could get it to run locally. Change all the links, download relevant files — and whablam, there was the site I saw online before.

That's when the real deal started. Tinkering with code, editing, making changes, finding out why things did what they did. Then, after building several of my own projects, I knew that copying and pasting the entire menu or header of a page wasn't the best way to go. That's where PHP came in. A whole new world opened — and I hadn't even fully seen the last one yet! But, to keep opening the source to edit some little value.. wasn't there an easier way to do things? Why yes, yes there was. MySQL made its way to my doorstep.

That's when I knew this is what I wanted to do. From there on it's pretty forward; Keeping up with new developments, rebuilding old projects, starting from scratch, improving each time. All the way to where I am now. Currently in my second year as a college student at the Hanzehogeschool based in Groningen, The Netherlands, studying IT. And loving it very much.


  • PHP(++)
  • CSS(3)(++)
  • MySQL(++)
  • Javascript(+)
  • html5(++)
  • jQuery(+)
  • (X)HTML(++)