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CS:GO Commands

If you've grown tired of all of the people spamming insane stuff over the mic, you could use:

voice_enable 0 | 1

and bind both of those to individual keys. However, in CS:GO, there is a neat little function called


This command, as the name might give away, increments a variable and sets that value. How it works? It has four variables that have to be set:

incrementvar command minValue maxValue incrementsBy

As incrementvar is obviously needed and command is pretty self explanatory, let's go right ahead and walk through the rest of it.

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Windows 8 Tiles

My Run-In With Windows 8

Yes. Finally. My findings? Short version: it was horrible. Longer version: it was absolutely horrible. Never have I sat so defeated behind a keyboard. Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Walk In The Park

A friend of mine asked me to delete her Microsoft Office 2013 trial version as that was no longer needed and prompted her to buy it. "It's Windows 8," she said, "I hope you don't mind.". Well, I consider myself quite a capable user — how hard could handling a new Windows version be? In a few, you'll see why I wish I had swallowed those words.

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